Idaho Wine Installation

by | Mar 26, 2014 | blog

Have you seen the awesome artwork created for the cover for the Idaho Wine, From Bud to Taste Bud cover? The concept and plan from the creative minds here at Peppershock were brought to life by our very own Alex Rhodes and lucky for you was documented by our video gurus Mike and Drew. The artwork took over 180 wine bottles and a copious amount of corks, a big thank you to all the Idaho wineries that contributed to the artwork and the film.

Idaho Wine Installation execution time lapse, enjoy!

Here’s what Alex had to say about making the artwork

“I had a ton of fun designing, executing and photographing this piece with LOTS of help from an awesome team! Thank you to all the Idaho wine makers who generously contributed, making the Idaho Wine installation possible….”

Follow the progress and contribute to the Idaho Wine, From Bud to Taste Bud documentary here: Idaho Wine Documentary. Or like the Facebook page to get updates

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