What Happens at Pow-Wow…Doesn’t Stay at Pow-Wow

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On the heels of our Art Director and CEO’s trip to How Design Live, Peppershock embarked on our annual Pow-wow, a camping trip to plan for the next year, at the end of August. We all packed our bags, our tents, our dogs, and our kids and headed up to the mountains for an excursion into the wilderness, the business, and ourselves.

As cliche as it sounds, we always learn something at Pow-wow. Besides discussing plans and goals for the next year at Peppershock, we also delve deep into the questions that make us all better people. This year, the focus was on health and wellness. Healthy creatives, healthy creativity, and fostering an environment where the two meet in a synergistic blend of advertising genius.

So, what makes for a happy, healthy creative team? Besides providing you with the customer service you’ve come to expect, we’ve vowed to be better versions of ourselves. To do more creative work, and to continue to push ourselves further to the edge so that our work remains the best. And to take measures to ensure that we’re the best we can possibly be, both personally and professionally.

In the two weeks since we’ve been back, designers, videographers and account managers alike have flung creativity across the office enough times to make my head spin. This numbers girl likes to think her addiction to science fiction and fantasy keeps her on her toes, but, the ideas flowing out of Peppershock’s creative team are nothing in comparison to epic flights and journeys through time and space. And I have to mention the commitment we’ve made to Peppershock and to ourselves to be more active. The pedometers you’ve seen us all wearing the past few weeks? They’re all about a challenge to ourselves and each other to move more. The pedometer challenge is just one more sign that we’re committed to ourselves, and to you.

What does a post Pow-wow Peppershock look like? Results. Creative results for us and for you. In the months to come, we’re producing videos, designs, and more for ourselves as well as for our clients. And we’ve got a kick-ass (can I say that?) party coming up on October 24th to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. After a break in the mountains, our team is well-oiled, healthy, and working hard for you and your team to produce the results you need.

– Megan Justice
Bookkeeper | Writer

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