The X Files (Profiles of a Generation)

by | Mar 5, 2008 | blog

Excerpts from article written by Rhea Allen, to be featured in IQ Idaho

Jason Crawforth, former owner of TreeTop Technology and current Chief Strategy Officer for MobileDataForce, said it best when he called us the Transition Generation. We are adapting to changes quicker than any other generation before us. In a sense, technology has eaten tradition for breakfast.

And the formalities we follow are changing too. Travis Palmer, a financial services representative with Washington Trust Bank, thinks we have become more efficient by just cutting to the chase. ”We are more straight forward, now we don’t say ‘Mr. so and so,’ we call them by their first name,” Travis said. “Now, with our generation, what you see is what you get.”

Ryan DeLuca is a prime example. His company,, is a flat, less hierarchical organization by nature. Generally speaking, most of his employees are younger than 40. Being a flat organization, cultivates the need for immediate feedback and constant communication. “Sometimes the best ideas come from those on the front lines, they know what’s going on,” Ryan said.

As my husband waited for me to finish typing this, with my ever present finger in the air signifying hang on one second before you talk, I realized just how complex our lives have become. He said, “It’s time for you to leave for your Pix Theatre fundraising gala committee meeting, then we’ll pick up our boys from grandma’s, go home, make dinner, clean up, watch our show we Tivo’d and hang out with our boys.” And once they fall asleep, we’ll check our e-mail one last time, read the newspaper online and go to bed at about midnight.

Look for the complete article in the March edition of IQ Idaho.

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