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by | Mar 11, 2009 | blog

In times of economic distress, the survival of small businesses often depends on the communities they do business and form partnerships within. Part of being a community partner means an active participation in the success of the academic pursuits going on in your corner of the world. Fostering healthy relationships with academic institutions like trade schools and universities can be beneficial to the school, the students, your business, and your community. Peppershock Media nurtures one such relationship with Boise State University and the College of Idaho by providing internship opportunities to undergraduates.
The opportunity to intern with Peppershock Media goes a long way towards helping students graduating from BSU or C of I to finding their place in the world by giving them the chance to attain valuable real-world experience. Peppershock Media has given internship positions to students graduating with degrees in English, Creative Writing, Marketing, Graphic Design, Communications, and General Business. The diversity of clients that Peppershock caters to provides our employees and interns with challenges to test their mettle by applying their skills and knowledge in the work place, to create innovative answers to our customer’s requests and issues. Upon the successful completion of an internship, a student has applicable experience and a reference to put into their professional resume, a taste of working in the local economy, the confidence that comes with bringing value into a business paradigm, and occasionally, a new career path. Former Peppershock interns have had all these experiences, and one intern, Allison Roberts, worked out so well that she is now a Peppershock employee.
The resource an intern brings to the company is unbeatable. They are a boon in times of economic distress and interminable budget cuts, as most interns work to fulfill a graduation requirement as opposed to an hourly wage. An intern brings fresh air, a nubile young mind, and a current perspective into the office environment. Businesses that might otherwise become disconnected and bogged down within their own walls are given new life and dynamic new potential. Interns themselves sometimes turn out to be a diamond-in-the-rough, and establishing a working relationship with them before they go out into the workforce can allow a company to snatch a brilliant addition to the team, before other companies have a chance to pick up the prophetic prospect.
To have established roots in the community means giving a helping hand when you are able and taking advantage of the generosity of your community partners, when you need to. Affording an internship position to a student is one way to help out your community, and your company.

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