Podcast/Vidcast Launch Program

Interested in starting a Podcast or a YouTube channel for yourself, your business, or your organization? Maybe you want to be a podcaster and a YouTuber at the same time? Or for another video platform? Instagram TV (IGTV).

There has NEVER been a better time to start than now! Whether you want to expand the reach of your brand and gain exposure to a whole new audience, share your expertise, or build awareness about a cause or a company, podcasting, and YouTubing or vid-casting at the same time might be right for you..

Our Entrepreneur & Leader Podcast/Vidcast Program is designed to turn your ideas and expertise into a podcast and webinar series in as little as 6 months!

Starting at just $3660/month, our team of experienced producers, marketers, and industry professionals will guide you through from concept to distribution, promotion, to completion so you can build your brand, your business, and ultimately your bottom line!

Why hire us? The professionalism and production value that we will bring to your efforts will help you grow your audience, and showcase your expertise in the field. We can help you build brand awareness, and give you the freedom to do what you do best, while we do what we do best, for you!

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Program Breakdown

1. The Consult

Before we start, we’ll discuss your podcast, and/or vid-cast idea and goals to make sure you have a viable series in you and that it makes sense to produce them. Note that this is not a sales call, this is to assess if you are a great candidate for our program! If you are selected for the program, we will move to the next phase. A monthly upfront payment will be required prior to work being performed.

2. The Kick-Off Call

With the help of our experts including our Creative Director, Art Director, and Content Producers, we’ll create a concept that perfectly frames your podcast and vid-cast series so it resonates with your target audience and helps you achieve your goals. We will discover what success looks like, and define why someone would want to watch or listen to your shows and make a plan together to achieve your desired outcomes.

3. The Outline

Over a series of four calls, our crew will help you define and sharpen your ideas to create a well-crafted foundation for your podcast and vid-cast shows. We will draft titles, themes, and descriptions, identify potential guests for your shows and work on the flow. Discuss the booking tools and tactics we will want to take.

4. The Design & Video

Using this outline, we will determine if you would benefit from a slide-deck to assist with any visuals in the vid-cast. You have the option to pay our graphic design team to carefully craft the perfect power-point to inject into your video, for one or for all six shows. Should you desire a video to play during your vid-cast an additional fee will be estimated based on the video production needed.

We will also design the graphics needed for the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud and any others you get accepted into such as Spotify for example. There will also be animated intro graphics needed for the intro on your vid-casts and graphics needed for the short promo videos to promote the 6 topical vid-casts. We will write a script for the topical promos and have you record the voice-over or we can have a voice-over talent from our crew voice the promos. Otherwise, we can have a VO talent audition and for an additional fee pay them to record the script(s).

5. The Recording

Get ready to shine as our writers will use the outline as their guide to construct the best flow and topics for you to cover during your podcast/vid-cast recordings. We will record your podcast and podcast once per month for 6 months.

We record the vid-cast, and use the audio from your vid-cast as your podcast. This creates multiple ways to distribute your well-crafted content. We can either record in our studio located in Nampa, Idaho, or we will guide you on ways you can record remotely. We can recommend the right microphone, lighting, and camera you can purchase for your podcast and vid-cast recording set up. If you use our studio we do have a studio rental fee $150/hour and a set up charge of $80.

6. The Editing

Our team of producers will transform your podcast and vid-cast recordings into a beautiful, well-produced series full of great content, closed captioning, visible graphics where appropriate, name titles and logo animations as needed with an optional energetic opening and show closing for each vid-cast and an audio intro and ending for the podcasts.

7. The Publishing and

Our team will design and prepare all the show-notes, keywords and closed captioning files, write up the eloquent descriptions and get everything prepared for your social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and for your own website posts, your Apple Podcasts, and Soundcloud uploads and have everything prepared and ready to go for you with your approval.

This will require us to have access to your social media accounts, your website, and more. If you do not have social media accounts set up and need that, we can help! An estimate will be provided for your approval for social media marketing services and the use of our social media marketing automation platform.

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An estimate can also be provided for a podcast and vid-cast digital advertising campaign—we need to pay to play online and promote your content to increase your bottom line!

In addition, we can also help to identify potential sponsors, contributors, and endorsements through bloggers, media, related businesses to sponsor, create a sales flyer sheet with sponsorship levels, set up the path for this to occur once you get an audience and followers.

8. The Launch

Our Marketing team works with you to create a marketing plan to generate reviews, create awareness and gain attention during the launch of your podcast and vid-cast series. Plus we will arm you with the tools you need for continued success!

You can choose to come back to us to record more topical promo videos, podcasts and vid-cast to continue with an ongoing series, or we can help you get the right tools and gear and show you how to continue to run them on your own!

You could also choose to record your own and then send them to us to be edited on a regular basis as well.

Fact is, you have options! An estimate can be provided for your approval based on the options you select.

For suggested podcast equipment to get you started, click the link below!

5-Way Multi Headphone Audio Splitter Connector

Boom Arm for Microphone

Zoom Digital Multitrack Recorder (P4)

Sony MDR 7506 Studio Monitor Headphones

9. The Results

If you subscribe to the marketing automation platform with us, we will track your results and leads generated through the marketing automation system. It’s a great way to see how and who is engaging in your content, nurture leads, send out and schedule emails, social media posts and track your ROI on your website!

We’re a preferred partner with BenchmarkOne, and that allows us to bring some extra firepower and sizzle to your results!

We can also report on the analytics of your podcasts and webinars by number of downloads and number of views over a certain period of time. We can look at tracking conversions on your website too to see click-thrus and Google analytics. Do you need data and metrics to make better decisions? We have you covered!

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Looking for a complete list of add-on features?


For Webinars: One Motion Graphics Intro and End tag, voice-over, sizzle intro, and a call to action at the ending


Power-point slide template created for you to input the content


Power-point slide design for each program (all six created, content, and designed)


Automated marketing platform monthly subscription for ROI and Lead tracking and reporting


Social media profiles and pages created and set up


Have our own Zoom subscription


Google AdWords campaign


Facebook/Instagram Ad campaigns


YouTube Advertising campaign


LinkedIn promoted posts campaign


Blog post content & visuals. In addition to the vid-casts and podcast posts on your website, turning the content from the podcast into a blog post for great SEO purposes


Social media posts, management, and visuals (in addition to your vid-cast and podcast posts to your social media channels)


Guest booking page, form creation, and automation, and calendar syncing platform insert an affiliate link to schedule


Podcast guesting and Webinar interviews, Solisticing and pitching potential guests to be on your shows


Reporting, analytics, conversion tracking tool, costs can range based on the platform selection


Other services available and quoted upon request

We can help you become a podcast and webinar star!

We would be delighted for you to apply to be a part of our podcast & vidcast program.

Not ready to apply but need some Podcasting 101 basics instead? Learn more about podcasting by becoming a member of The Marketing Expedition Community, and receive special membership pricing for our Peppershock Media creative production services as well!

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