The Marketing Expedition Podcast

One of the Top 10% Podcasts in the World

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The Marketing Expedition Podcast

How Peppershock Media produces one of the top 10% podcasts in the world.

Top 10% Podcasts in the World

Peppershock Media produces one of the top 10% podcasts in the world! Rhea Allen brings her marketing expertise to the microphone. See below for how Peppershock Media helped get the Marketing Expedition Podcast to be so successful.



Make it easy for guests to join you on your podcast! Adding an accessible booking link to your landing page is an easy way for potential guests to express interest in your podcast. OnceHub is a scheduling tool that makes connecting with leads and sending invites easy. It automatically integrates with a number of workflows, video conferencing, and calendar platforms.

Graphic Design

Making the Graphics

After your podcast is recorded, edited, and exported, it’s ready to gain exposure. Make a simple graphic displaying your podcast host, guest, title, and brief description to add to post to your social media accounts, website, and landing page.


Pick an Engaging Title

Your podcast title is the first indication of who you are and what you do – so you should make it a good one! Titles should be creative and give listeners an idea of what to expect. Studies show that the most popular title length is around 16 characters and should be clear, concise, and evocative.



Landing Page

A podcast landing page is designed to convert viewers into listeners. Landing pages should focus on one simple goal and include elements such as a headline, description, latest episodes, clickable subscribe button, and links to other social media accounts.


Social Media

Promoting The Podcast

Great news — the hardest part of creating your podcast is over! Now it’s time to spread awareness and gain listeners. Start this process by posting graphics and links of your podcast across all social media channels. This should at a minimum include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Another tool to promote your podcast is through local platforms like ListenBoise. ListenBoise offers a website and app where listeners can sort podcasts by category and general interest. This is another great avenue to get the word out about your podcast.

Hosting Platforms

Recording…check! Editing…check! Now it’s time to upload and publish. This publishing platform is where your podcast will live–upload your episodes, post graphics, add podcast notes, and more! There are numerous podcast hosting platforms available for users, but here are some of our Peppershock favorites:

Email Marketing

Email Automation

Remembering to schedule guests and send email reminders is hard to do. Utilize an email automation tool such as ConstantContact, MailerLite, or Mailchimp. This will ensure that all of those important emails can be sent on time without having to add them to your to-do list!


and in the end


Your Sound. Our Expertise. Simply record your podcast and we’ll do the rest. That’s…Poderific.

Professional podcast production services with intro/closing voice-over, licensed music, edited and delivered to all the major podcast outlets. Visit to find out more!

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