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A new visual identity expressing the growth and reliability of this accounting firm.

Ripley Doorn Vertical Logo

As companies grow and evolve, their identities may change. This is why Ripley Doorn Certified Public Accountants decided to update their branding with a new logo. Dating back to 1942, Ripley Doorn has been a consistent, reliable accounting source in the Treasure Valley, Idaho. While they still offer the same client satisfaction-based services, they were looking for a logo that preserves their brand values while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary feel. One of their goals was to not only serve and support their clientele, but to draw in new and talented individuals who are wanting to be apart of a well oiled machine. Below is the logo that was created over 20 years ago and served them well, but definitely shows its age. Ripley Doorn was thrilled with the new logo outcome, praising its clever design, vibrant colors, and strong brand identity.

Original outdated Ripley Doorn Logo


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The goal of Ripley Doorn is to instill trust and confidence in their brand and the accountants who work for them. We included bright colors and a dimensional aspect to the logo to keep in line with the current design trends and give it a fresh look that stands out. The thinner sans serif typeface also speaks to a clean, modern feel that is easy to read and shows stability in the all caps font. There are multiple versions of this logo that can be used in a variety of spaces. Whether the logo mark is used as social media icon, the full logo is used for the sign on the front of their building, or the stacked logo is printed on their promotional items, there is an option for every use!

The duo-tone green colors signify growth, freshness, and good luck. Green also represents both money and prosperity, embodying the success and thriving opportunities that can be achieved when working with Ripley Doorn. The gray text that is paired with the vibrant green logo mark supports the bright colors by remaining calm, stable, and reliable. Grayscale logo options also give it the versatility to be applied on strictly monotone surfaces as well.



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