Magic Valley Mall

Magic Valley Mall Campaign

Our Approach

  • Video
  • Photography

Three commercials use stop motion, selfies, and hashtags to showcase Magic Valley Mall as a fun hangout

Regional Appeal

When we were approached by the Magic Valley Mall to produce a TV commercial that had a regional appeal but looked like it could be a national audience we got excited! We started thinking about the mall and wanted to show the experience of a “Day at the Mall Magic Valley Mall” through selfies. Knowing we were going to produce three commercials within this campaign we chose to develop a different commercial for three different target audiences, but keep the same theme running throughout. With each of our target audiences in mind, we created a concept that could really show off their mall experience of Fun, Food, and Fashion in a creative way.

#BestDayEver #MagicValleyMall


Stop Motion Animation

We chose to incorporate stop-motion animation within these videos for a number of different reasons. First, the stop motion of the pictures was utilized to mimic how many people share their day-to-day experiences with friends through pictures on social media platforms. We wanted the viewer to realize that spending a day at the Magic Valley Mall created dozens of picture-worthy moments that their friends would want to see. This in turn would lead people to the mall not just for what they can buy, but also for the experiences that can be had. Additionally, we added some doodles to the pictures that gave them more depth by helping emphasize what was going on in each scene. These doodles were designed to be simple and playful and were animated in a stop-motion fashion in order to preserve consistency and style by pairing well with the stop-motion pictures.

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