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How Tourism in a Small & Mighty Community Experiences Continued Growth Year Upon Year

In 2012, the Cascade Chamber hired Peppershock Media to market Cascade, Idaho and the surrounding recreation area as a tourist destination. Cascade wanted an agency who understood “the little guy,” they wanted to work with a full service marketing agency that felt approachable and would take time to understand all the region had to offer. Cascade may be small in size, but they have so much to offer. They were looking for a partner who could truly realize the value of their DMO. Since our partnership, Cascade has experienced an increase in the number of tourists/heads in beds/ who have come to Cascade and surrounding areas. The following is a review of some of the tactics and tools we have used to support Cascade tourism.


Recreational Activity Videos

Peppershock created an initial series of videos highlighting Cascade’s beautiful natural resources and wide variety of outdoor activities and continues to update their video library with new video each year. From trails to waterways, in the snow or the sun, there is something to do in Cascade for everyone.

Graphic Design


Peppershock created a new logo for The Cascade Chamber of Commerce. The new logo is versatile, scaleable, and better reflects the fun and family-friendly atmosphere found in the city of Cascade. The logo consists of a landscape scene, the logo mark, and the Cascade Idaho Chamber of Commerce lettering, the logotype. The design includes a sunset, snowy mountains, trees, and a lake, representative of the four seasons of recreation in the area. Each of these elements is outlined in black with various colors placed behind.

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Website Traffic Growth

With a healthy mix of different marketing mediums, Peppershock was able to reach and convince more Idaho and Utah residents to visit the Cascade Chamber website.


Social Media

Social Media Presence Development

Peppershock created the Cascade Chamber of Commerce’s Instagram page in the Spring of 2018, since its creation the page has gained 1,205 followers. Here are some example posts from the profile.

Email Marketing


and in the end


Video Content Engagement

“Things to do in fall” video had 74,640 views (in fall 2021). The average duration for the video was 97.7%.

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