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Our Marketing Needs Assessment is a highly engaging process involving a thorough analysis of your current marketing efforts, resulting in a two year strategic plan. The plan includes a complete marketing strategy, budget, timeline and more. Market more effectively by truly understanding your target audience through valuable marketing research. Gain powerful insight into your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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  • Survey/Focus Group Results
  • Target Audience & Empathy Mapping
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Goals & Objectives
  • Key Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Timeline
  • Brand pillars


Marketing-Audit-Peppershock-Media-Rhea-1024x683-1 The Basic Needs Assessment is, in essence, a one-year marketing plan complete with market research, a SWOT Analysis , Business and Marketing Goals and Objectives, and a Strategic Marketing Implementation Plan. As the marketing strategies, tools and messaging that we provide are integrated into current activities, you will be positioned for enhanced success in influencing individual behavior, creating event and organizational awareness, and increasing positive brand image.

Based on the research phases of the Marketing Needs Assessment, Peppershock will provide marketing recommendations and prioritized needs to close the gaps between current marketing results and desired marketing results. Your management team will then make decisions about future marketing efforts. Peppershock will create a marketing strategy and plan based on the outcome of the needs assessment process.



Phase 1: Marketing Audit “Liftoff” Session

We begin by identifying current marketing efforts, company structure company objectives, short and long term goals, SWOT analysis, empathy mapping, current results & desired results.

Phase 1 of the Marketing Needs Assessment includes a complete Marketing Audit. That means you get a kickoff session with your team to assess your current marketing plan and identify opportunities for improvement. We’ll review your social, digital and traditional marketing methods. At the end, we compile our notes and suggestions and you’ll walk away with recommendations to improve your marketing results.

Phase 2: Surveys

Peppershock will write tailored messaging for customer and employee surveys. We personally deliver the surveys and analyze the results.



Phase 3: Interviews

According to the need, we perform phone interviews throughout the survey collection process. One or more focus groups can also be arranged to get more detailed information from stakeholders. If translation is necessary, we’ll find and bring in the best person for the job. Empathy maps are included for primary, secondary and tertiary markets, as well as additional stakeholders.

Phase 4: Analysis Period & Plan Creation

In Phase 4, we establish criteria for analyzing needs, develop key performance indicators, and identify and prioritize needs. We also determine estimated costs and timelines associated with needs identified. This will be the foundation for your strategy for moving forward.

Phase 5: Decision Making & Delivery Sessions

In the final phase, we get down to the nitty gritty with cost estimates and specific recommended actions to meet the needs. We set time aside for making those final decisions, and developing a basic marketing strategy and implementation plan.

The marketing strategies, tools and techniques should be evaluated throughout the year on a quarterly basis. Specific objectives should be quantified prior to each activity to measure performance of the activity. Based on feedback and results from quantifiable activities, adjustments to the plan, tools and techniques, and advertising focus should also be made as needed.

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