LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: Is LinkedIn good for Your Marketing Plan?

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Most likely, your business or organization has a LinkedIn page. But are you doing enough?

LinkedIn requires more than setting it and forgetting it to be a useful tool to grow your brand and bottom line; it requires engagement, interaction, optimization, and the posting and sharing of consistent, engaging content.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. But LinkedIn pages are often established and then left to languish by their owners, perhaps more so than other social media platforms, due to this lack of effort or know-how on the part of their owners or administrators.

So how do you up your LinkedIn marketing and networking strategy and begin to reap the rewards? Read on! Here are some of the best LinkedIn marketing tips to help you with your LinkedIn company page and, of course, your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy to contribute to your overall content marketing strategy in helping you generate leads from the right target audience.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

As we mentioned earlier, your LinkedIn marketing strategy requires more than setting up your personal account or business LinkedIn profile and sitting back and waiting.

LinkedIn can help you generate leads, help you find prospective clients, raise brand awareness, lead generation, recruit your next best employee or subcontractor, and help you discover thought leadership in your industry. But LinkedIn has a search bar for a reason, so make sure that your target audience can find you by filling out your business LinkedIn pages and personal profiles as well.

Fill out all the sections of your profile to help bolster your ability to become a part of your professional network. Identify relevant keywords, and add them to your specialties!

Also, don’t leave any sections incomplete. Your LinkedIn homepage reflects your company or organization, so take the time to enter all the information and upload correctly sized banners, profile pic, etc. Leave no trace of incompleteness, and be proud of your page!

Network and Interact with your Followers and Network.

Are you interacting with followers and members of your network? If not, take the time each day to do so on your company page and professional page, and here’s how.

  • React with one of the seven options: like, celebrate, support, love, funny, insightful, or curious, and comment on others’ posts
  • Respond to comments, questions, and concerns on your posts
  • Recognize customers
  • Recognize employees
  • Regularly post

Use Video on LinkedIn.

Did you know that you can post videos on LinkedIn? Well now you do, and here’s how and why you need to start using video to enhance your LinkedIn marketing strategy!


  • Video is an engaging way to share professional updates and your brand story, promote events not to miss, and more.
  • Videos can be live on your profile and not disappear; From LinkedIn, “LinkedIn Live allows eligible members and Pages to broadcast live video content to a LinkedIn Profile, Page, or Event. If you’d like to become a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, review the create and host LinkedIn Live: access criteria.”
  • Video on your Profile, in addition to your profile photo, you can add a short intro video to add credibility to your profile further and enhance your brand; it will 3 seconds of a muted video playing before it turns into your profile photo. Take a look at my profile image and see for yourself: Rhea Allen LinkedIn Profile. You can even click on my profile to watch the full video too!
  • Video allows you to create a stronger, more personable connection with your audience and is a highly effective marketing tool.Here are some additional tips to make your videos even better!
  • Tip #1 – Give professional tips to your viewersTip #2 – Share event updates or company updatesTip #3 – Pose a questionTip #4 – Share important announcements and news

LinkedIn Advertising

Just like any other social media platform, your LinkedIn marketing efforts are going to come close to their fullest potential when you have an ad strategy.

Advertising on LinkedIn is highly effective because of targeting ability and the type of users within the platform. LinkedIn members generally have 2X the buying power of your average website visitors or audience, and 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions. Being able to title, target, and filter out what you want to search for or not is very helpful! Considering that LinkedIn has over 650 million members and counting, that’s a lot of opportunity to enhance your and your company’s Linkedin presence!


If you’re going to advertise on LinkedIn you should be able to see your return on investment. Here are some additional insights that LinkedIn ads offer:

  • Track changes in traffic to your page over time
  • Track click rates
  • See what demographics are visiting your page the most
  • Track conversions
  • Track individual ads and campaigns
  • See what you are getting for your $

LinkedIn Premium for Business.

LinkedIn Premium doesn’t come cheap, there are various options, but the included features are said to be well worth it! LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator Core is the middle-of-the-road option for your business page and is available for under $100 per month or $959.88 annually, saving you 20%.  See pricing options here, as I’m sure they will change over time;
This includes:

  • 50 InMail credits per month which are proven to be 2.6x more effective than regular emails
  • Unlimited People Browsing
  • 10,000 leads saved with custom lead and account lists
  • The ability to see who’s viewed your page or your company page in the past 90 days will allow your business to gain more visibility – with Premium, you’ll get to see everybody who views your business page and their full profile, not just their name.
  • Premium also allows you to see the KEYWORDS that led people to your and your company’s page, which is important because it gives you the ability to know popular keywords that increase traffic and search results.
  • Premium also allows access to your company’s insights which includes a list of the top influencers in your industry and how you rank compared to them and your peers
  • LinkedIn premium also offers LinkedIn Learning – a premium educational platform offered by LinkedIn that features more than 17,500+ courses in seven different languages, all taught by industry experts to help users advance in their chosen fields
    • These courses are available in specialist subjects within the business, technology, and creative fields and feature personalized recommendations based on the user’s profile
    • Courses are online, so that you can access them on any device, mobile or desktop

The insights that LinkedIn provides are also very robust and give you a layer of granularity that many other platforms may not, as it is primarily geared towards businesses, recruiters, job-seekers, salespeople, and marketers.


Other ways you can use LinkedIn to foster business relationships.

Your LinkedIn marketing goals can also include several other features that the platform offers, including LinkedIn groups! When you join LinkedIn groups, you can network with other like-minded individuals not only in your professional network but beyond.

Join other LinkedIn groups, or create your own LinkedIn group! Joining LinkedIn groups can be very rewarding when you want to reach a particular target audience or connections, whether it’s business leaders, small business owners, authors, speakers, enterprise managers, or other thought leaders.

You can also use LinkedIn posts as a way to promote your and your company’s reputation regarding thought leadership when you create an article. This is an important part of content marketing, and LinkedIn articles are easy to create and share with your professional network and across other platforms as well.

LinkedIn Events are a great way to promote your upcoming event, whether online or in-person, a webinar, meetup, think tank, masterclass, or a business celebratory event or whatever event you have in mind; plus, they are way easier to invite people to than on other platforms! Here is an overview of LinkedIn Events:

What’s next?

Need help creating your LinkedIn strategy? Don’t want to spend time creating posts, videos, articles, and images? Don’t have the time to react, comment, share, or keep up with your in Mail or connection requests or let alone send out connection requests, messages, or follow-ups? Want more recommendations from your peers? Need more referrals? We are not only experts with social media, but we love LinkedIn and understand how to optimize not only your personal profile but your company page too! Let us help you build your brand and your bottom line! Contact us to discuss how we can help you best at

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