Business Leaders in Idaho Highlighted Through Video

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2015 Roster of Idaho Business Leaders Highlighted Through Video

As Gardner Company‘s COO, Tommy Ahlquist, put it, “it’s all about relationships. “Business in general, but more specifically in Idaho, is all about building strong relationships, taking care of customers and always striving to do the right thing. Leaders across our great state were recognized for these achievements and more at an event produced by the Idaho Business Review. Peppershock has had the privilege of producing mini-documentary style videos highlighting CEO’s across Idaho for the past 3 years now. This year’s event honored 8 business leaders. Each leader was introduced by their video before coming on stage for their acceptance speech.

Learn more about the great things going on in Idaho, being lead by exceptional people, in the series of videos below.

Introductions to each video written by Jeanne Huff, Idaho Business Review Special Sections Editor.

J. Thomas “Tommy” Ahlquist began his journey by collecting Boy Scout merit badges. Now, after a stint as ER doc, he is developing projects throughout the valley and, as he so eloquently puts it, is perhaps most celebrated as the man responsible for filling in “The Hole.”

Tommy Ahlquist from Idaho Business Review on Vimeo.

John Cunningham set aside his career in accounting for the love of sports. He started on that path as “a glorified intern” for the Boise Hawks, made his way to general manager, and now oversees Block 22 LLC: The Grove,
CenturyLink Arena and the Idaho Steelheads. He just might be the most humble CEO you will ever meet.

John Cunningham from Idaho Business Review on Vimeo.

A doctor with a cause, Ted D. Epperly, M.D. went to Washington, D.C. to talk to Congress about the Affordable Care Act and met the president. He is equally passionate about the family care doctors at Family Care Residency of Idaho Inc. he helps get on their way to tend to those in Idaho who need them.

Ted Epperly from Idaho Business Review on Vimeo.

Jason Fry loves his job so much he commutes – and a long commute it is! It is 157 miles to Ketchum  and the Wood River Community YMCA where he makes sure that kids in the community have a place to go to play sports and other activities – the same as he did in his old neighborhood where he grew up in Ohio.

Jason Fry from Idaho Business Review on Vimeo.

Richard Johnson of Family Advocates strives to make families strong, and works tirelessly to erase the pain of child abuse and neglect. A living tribute to the work he does, he has welcomed seven boys, all originally from other families, into his own.

Richard Johnson from Idaho Business Review on Vimeo.

As a young teen, AlbertsonsSusan Morris buzzed around in the mountains of Colorado on a dirt bike – and also started on what would become her lifelong career with Albertsons. Did you know she had something to do with those chocolate chip cookies in the purple bag?

Susan Morris from Idaho Business Review on Vimeo.

Boise’s downtown sure looks different from the way it did 27 years ago when Kâren Sander, fresh from South Africa, saw it for the first time. And, in the 11 years since taking the helm at the Downtown Boise Association, she has been one of the downtown’s biggest proponents.

Kâren Sander from Idaho Business Review on Vimeo.

And Bob Schwenkfelder, who never aspired to become a tire magnate but did, anyway, has also inspired fierce loyalty in his employees. He also makes sure his company, Commercial Tire, does well and pays well. His story, like the rest, is one of overcoming challenges, and of creating opportunities and then seizing them.

Bob Schwenkfelder from Idaho Business Review on Vimeo.

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