Facing your Marketing Fears

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Facing-Your-Marketing-Fears Shocktoberfest is creeping quickly around the corner and this year we have added a new fear factor to the mix. Before our annual spooky bash in the studio, there will be a business success workshop! Along with two spectacular guest speakers, this year President and CEO, Rhea Allen, will be addressing the top ten greatest marketing fears, and how to face those fears with facts and practical skills. With a solid knowledge base in tow, you will finally have the know-how to create a successful campaign driven by results. Here are ten marketing fears you will surely be leaving at the door:

  1. Seeing a Return on Investment

Many times customers are afraid they will be wasting their hard earned money on a marketing campaign that won’t live up to its return on investment. At our workshop you will finally be able to let your fears R.I.P. as you learn that seeing a significant ROI can be easily achieved with the right marketing campaign in place.

  1. Measuring Campaign Success

It may be that you have a great marketing campaign in place, as well as hired the experts to create and implement the right plan for you, but now it is up to you to see how successful your campaign has been and what business has come from that improvement. Frightening right? It doesn’t have to be. At our workshop you will learn some valuable methods to help measure your campaign’s success.

  1. Developing an Effective Campaign

Maybe you want to explore different marketing efforts, but are afraid you will be as successful as the handmade Halloween costume your parents made you wear in third grade. At our workshop you will learn the merits of applying proven marketing techniques to your campaign that have bolstered sales in the past for many of the top companies in the world. We will show you how you can use their techniques for your success in a cost effective manner.

  1. Trying something new

Starting anything that is new can be scary for the simple fact that entering uncharted waters can be a risky endeavor. Who knows if you’ll crash, burn or both? Sometimes it’s easier to learn from other’s experiences first. At our workshop we will examine a few marketing case studies that involved trying something new and the results that became of that venture.

  1. Knowing the Best Route to Take

It may be that you have thought about taking the leap, but were unsure of which route to take. Let our workshop help you develop a roadmap to success. Creating a marketing plan to suite your company’s needs and future direction will never haunt you again!

  1. Breaking the Budget

Think you can’t compete with a marketing budget twice your size. Think again! Learn where to use your available resources to your advantage, and how to wisely invest your money in all the right areas when it comes to marketing your business. The answers may spook you!

  1. Not Being Original Enough

Has the competition got you beat with an original message or you’re afraid it’s all been done already. Learn how having the right team makes all the difference when it comes to mastering originality! After all, where would Jekyll have been without Hyde?

  1. The Changing Market

Maybe you’re a small business with little capital to invest in market research, or maybe you are a larger business with a changing demographic that is shifting faster than you can say “trick or treat.”

Whatever your situation may look like, at our workshop you will learn the importance of knowing your market and how to quickly adapt to the market when it suddenly shifts.

  1. Following Through

Maybe your vendors have not been so reliable in the past when business was really hot, or your company couldn’t live up to the demands of a sudden influx of business. Usually we find ways to adapt to these things when business is booming, but maybe there is a fear that you couldn’t handle any new business because you are packed as it is. At our workshop you will acquire the skills you need to plan for demand as you prepare your campaign. Chilling!

  1. Finding the Right Talent

It may be that your company doesn’t have the resources to hire a full design and marketing team to create and implement your marketing campaign. That is a perfectly normal situation that we see a lot! It still doesn’t erase the fact however that it all needs to get done. That makes finding the right marketing company to do the work for you essential. At our workshop, you will learn how Peppershock can be of service for all your company’s marketing and advertising needs! After all, it’s our workshop right? Check out our frightfully impressive portfolio at www.peppershock.com/portfolio.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for the workshop! Want 15% off admission to the workshop? Enter promo code “blog” at checkoutCan’t make the workshop but still want to party? Join us for our Shocktoberfest after the workshop on October 29, 2015 at 5pm! If you have any questions about either event, or how Peppershock can help ease some of your marketing woes, feel free to contact me at melissa@peppershock.com.  Rather chat? Give me a call at (208) 461-5070, (Ext. 8).

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