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Disrupting Forward:

It’s time to have a conversation about disruption, connection, and inspiration when everything feels disrupted already, connecting is risky, and inspiration can be in short supply. Humans are by nature brave, social, bonded, connected beings that share stories, touches, and their dreams to create the kind of herd they want to be a part of, and that’s invaluable!

But what if you don’t care too much for the herd, or the herd needs a little shaking up in order to break through, get better, or move forward?

You’re going to have to be a little disruptive, and that’s another one of the things that we do!

It’s our Peppershock Mantra!

But what does Disrupt, Connect, and Inspire mean, especially in these “challenging/weird/unprecedented/unpredictable/difficult” times?

This is the strength and beauty of our purpose; it’s reflexive and adaptable and dynamic, just like the best of us.


If we don’t break through our audience’s daily routines and disrupt their lives (in a positive way) we haven’t done our job. We utilize and continuously learn the best technology and marketing strategies for strategic storytelling campaigns.


“We bridge the gap between businesses and their audience through high quality, timely, and friendly service, cutting edge expertise, and lasting, professional relationships.”


In all that we do, our goal is to inspire action through our communication efforts. Whether that’s on behalf of our clients or providing service to our community, we’re committed to making a difference. We’re invested in our local communities and beyond through sharing and volunteering with integrity and honor in all that we do.
Don’t worry, we will connect next month, but we’re going to be disruptive first.

Definition of Disrupt

a. to break apart: rupture

b. to throw into disorder

c. to interrupt the normal course or unity of

At first blush, to disrupt can appear to be something of a destructive act, but this is the power of fire, water, gravity, and more. Progress is only made via disruption and there’s always going to be a system, a person, or a group of individuals who will rail against the dying of the light (or new subdivision, skinny jeans, faster processors, pumpkin spice, you name it) no matter what.

In addition to having a need to connect, we humans have a need to grow, change, explore, prosper, and risk everything from time to time to see what’s on the other side. We are in a constant agitated (or inspired?) state of conflict within ourselves, to stay the same or grow and change.

Now sometimes the change that’s needed is thrust upon us (global pandemic anyone?) but our mandate to adapt, pivot and be disruptive is no less imperative or necessary. Disruption is the seed breaking apart to become a flower. Disruption is birth, disruption is education, disruption is asking the tough questions or saying yes, instead of no. Disruption is the driving force behind anything great that has ever been accomplished by anyone, as our heroes will attest! The men and women who change the world are disruptive.

Won’t you join them?
What does disruption mean to you, and how are you going to use the power of change and creation inside of you to make your world, business or organization better?

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Rhea Allen, President/CEO and Co-Founder of Peppershock Media (est. 2003), is known for her story-telling passion and extreme diligence in obtaining effective media campaign results by planning and crafting relevant and compelling messaging.
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