Communicating Now: It’s Time to Bring It All Together

by | Feb 19, 2009 | blog

It can’t be said often enough of the impact that an effective advertising campaign has on creating and prolonging the life of your organization. In order to stay competitive in this economy, your business requires bleeding-edge ideas, innovations, and the techniques to make sure that when someone thinks of the service you provide, your name is on the tip of their tongue.

For a company to flourish in this type of environment, keeping well-informed is the strategy for success. This is achieved through many different methods that all support the same core principal: keeping the lines of communication open. Through networking with local businesses and community partners, keeping updated on the latest industry trends, and taking advantage of the knowledge and unique perspective of your business colleagues, you make the most of your communication resources. A comprehensive understanding of new marketing strategies and ideas will help propel your group to the lead of the pack, and keep you there.

It’s no great secret that the best advertising endorsements aren’t found on television or the radio, but out of the mouths of your customer base, your audience. Capitalizing on word-of-mouth advertising is a specialty, and nobody can help get your customers raving about your business like Peppershock can. By applying the unique marketing opportunity that the electronic age provides, we create for you viral advertising campaigns, interactive online advertising, an increased awareness within social networks, and accessible, low-cost newsletter advertising, to make sure that your organization is the toast of technical town.

These eco-friendly and economically efficient advertising venues, coupled with an unparalleled experience in implementing and creating maximum-value traditional promotions like television advertising, print ads, and radio spots, make sure that your entire customer base is covered and saturated by hitting them where they live everyday: at home, in public, and in virtual space.

By providing your consumers with relevant content that speaks to them, you can implement a full marketing plan that captures their attention, gains their following and belief in your organization. But you also provide your company with a referral service unmatched by any other source, and ultimately producing a major return on your marketing investments.

But here at Peppershock, we don’t stop with your customers. Our philosophy is that we are all partners in our local communities, and while we appreciate the stimulation friendly competition brings, we believe that by creating business partnerships rather than business rivalries, we will all grow together. By joining with Peppershock to establish a business network, you can expand your word-of-mouth advertising to include businesses and clients that Peppershock brings to the table. We provide you with the total advertising package and a marketing partnership in our ever-expanding business community.

Thank you for your time, and your patronage. Be sure to let us know what we can do to help establish you as a keystone in our business community.

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Rhea Allen, President/CEO and Co-Founder of Peppershock Media (est. 2003), is known for her story-telling passion and extreme diligence in obtaining effective media campaign results by planning and crafting relevant and compelling messaging.
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