Catchy, Disruptive Things That Make You Tingle

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Catchy, Disruptive Things That Make You Tingle

A brief, possibly offensive look at why we do what we do…or at least the way I’ve come to understand it.
– Drew Allen

Strong Brands Do This:

They make people want to connect, be a part. Feel like they belong and fit in. Culture community. Sharing similar interests. A feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment…even if it’s momentary. Nike makes people want to buy their stuff because if you buy and enjoy Nike, like everyone else, you’ll fit in. Apple has created these same feelings in people. Emotion is a huge part of why you participate, purchase. Aside from the essentials for life (ie. Food, shelter, clothing) why else do we buy stuff? To improve the way we do things, so that we feel better about our situation and ourselves. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The ox and plow worked fine for many years…but tractors make things easier and better. And they don’t shit everywhere. They do break down though and cost more to purchase and maintain…but we’re willing to sacrifice that for the ease and simplicity they provide us.

Things Catch on When They’re Disruptive…in the Right Way
What made those things so popular? They were described, released, delivered to the masses in a way that stood out. It was different and people embraced it. Either because everyone else did, or because it honestly related to people in a way that was out of the norm. It was bright and shiny and new. iPods and Air Jordan’s…shit yea. Something new to enjoy…and so do all my friends. It must be ok to spend ridiculous amounts of money on if Jimmy did.

Why Do We Do Anything We Do?

We have a sense of needing to accomplish. We need to do things so we feel like we made some headway…towards something. Miniscule or gargantuan…the task just needs to lead to a goal…an end. Like ants scurrying every which way to build a bigger, better colony…reproduce to perpetuate life. That’s their goal. They just don’t know any differently. We have the ability to process and analyze data…figure things out. Someday we’ll figure out why we do what we do…but for now we just need to fill the gaps with something. Stuff, most likely. Analogies, philosophies, goods…whatever floats your boat. Pass the time and do good things for others…because if you don’t, you’ll most likely be miserable…and that sucks. If you don’t have anything to hang onto, you’re dangling…no one likes to dangle for too long (unless you’re Conrad). We want to cling on and hold ideals close. It’s safer than the constant cliff dangle of life.

Catharsis Through Art.

Catharsis: The purging of urges, memories, fear. Horror genre of art is a form of catharsis…it’s the feeling of relief that excites us. We feel better AFTER we feel terrified. That’s where the rush comes into play. The more scary, the better…for some. Rob Zombie has perfected this art. He’s blended pop culture and horror. He takes things to the edge and brings you back…sometimes. He visualizes and shares fears. And at the same time, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. See…

I’m sure this will offend people. I’ve disrupted what you hold dear…your thoughts, beliefs, religion. Complacency isn’t an excuse. Use your brain. Facts and science typically don’t lie…most of the time. The pursuit for truth will always prevail in the long run. Simply put, and according to Carl SaganNeil Degrasse Tyson, we’re all made of star stuff.

Deep in our psyche we have an urge, a need, a desire to be accepted. It’s primordial…it’s a part of our “old brain.” We buy and support things that give us those feelings. It’s almost a rite of passage. If you support the same things I do, you can be a part of my circle, my group, my homies.

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