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A sequence of assessment, empathy mapping, and branding came together to refresh and reinforce the ProCare identity.

Needs Assessment

To begin, we identified how a marketing strategy would contribute to the success of ProCare’s overall business. After meeting with key stakeholders and determining their current brand and marketing positions, we defined a plan to improve brand equity, positioning and management.

Through this process, we identified the primary and secondary target markets as Administrators of Skilled Nursing and administrators of Hospice Organisations respectively. Below are personas that were created to empathize with these individuals.

Graphic Design

A Visual Identity to Reflect ProCare’s Values

ProCare Medical Equipment is unsurpassed in customer care and cleanliness standards, always exceeding expectations. They are accommodating and responsive, and the cleanliness of their equipment is remarkable. The logo and all additional materials needed to represent these characteristics first and foremost.

Their new brand identity conscientiously emphasizes professional quality, cleanliness, and care. The colors and shapes furthermore reference medical symbols, life, and positivism. We carried their new identity over to their website by helping with content development.

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