On Location Video Production for Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance


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On Location Video Production for Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

Peppershock Media was hired by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to be their video production crew for 4 shoots in the summer of 2023. Our purpose was to gather footage that will be produced into various training and safety videos aimed at CMV drivers and police officers, dealing with hazardous loads. We traveled to Midlothian, Texas, Carlsbad, New Mexico, Mystic, Connecticut, and one shoot in our studio in Nampa, Idaho.

Peppershock was responsible for providing the equipment and all the shooting and manpower. The productions consisted of scripted onscreen talent, in-field re-enactments, drone cinematography, and, in-studio greenscreen/white cyc wall shoot.

We brought all the gear needed for video production, but we had to be conscious of the restrictions with travel. We fit all our gear in two large pelican cases and one travel tripod case. We brought all batteries on our carry-on luggage due to airline regulations.

On set, Peppershock Media was responsible for setting up/breaking down all the equipment as well as the actual recording. Peppershock recorded the on-camera talent and reenactment footage on a Sony FS7 and a Sony a7iii. We used a GoPro Hero 9 for various driving/POV shots. All drone footage was shot on a DJI Mavic Pro Zoom. We brought a teleprompter for the on-camera scripted sections. Studio audio was captured with boom mics and in-the-field audio was captured with wireless Sennheiser microphones and shotgun mics. A DJI Ronin RSC 2 gimbal stabilizer was used for various in-field shots.

Midlothian, TX

4 days total. 2 travel, and 2 production days.

Day 1 we flew from Boise to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Dallas, and then drove to the City of Midlothian.

The next day, our first day of shooting, we set up at the city’s Multi-Purpose Stadium parking lot where a CMV and local police officers had arrived. There we shot Officer Lincoln’s on-camera lines as well as b-roll and drone shots of a patrol car following the CMV, the CMV being pulled over, and shots of Officer Lincoln walking alongside the CMV toward the cab.

Additionally, we got various driving shots with our GoPro on top of a patrol car following CMV and on the trailer looking back at the patrol car. Shots from inside the patrol car and the CMV cab while driving. On the second day of production shot additional pick-up shots of Officer Lincoln as well as general traffic shots. We also got footage of a semi-truck rollover that CVSA will use in a future safety video.

On our last day, we drove back to Dallas, flew to Oakland, CA, and then back to Boise, ID. All our equipment came back safely.


On location aerial, drone video production

Carlsbad, NM

5 days total. 2 travel, and 3 production days.

On day 1 we flew from Boise to Denver, CO. Denver to El Paso, TX. We then drove from El Paso to Carlsbad, NM.

The next day, our first day of production, we spent location scouting as well as touring the WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant), which was a unique opportunity to see firsthand where the transuranic nuclear waste that we would be shooting during this production is stored.  On the second day of production, we shot CMV nuclear waste inspection footage, with our on-camera talent, outside of a local machine shop using our Sony cameras and drone. On the third day of production, we went back to the WIPP facility and got footage of CMV’s traveling, roadside passing, drone, and traveling/following from behind and in front with the GoPro, as well as one arriving with a Nuclear waste load. We also got various shots of New Mexico’s highway truck traffic.

Later that evening we drove back to El Paso where we stay the night. On day 5 we flew out of El Paso, to Phoenix, AZ, and then from Phoenix to Boise. All our equipment came back safely.


Mystic, Connecticut

5 days total. 2 travel, and 3 production days.

On day 1 we flew from Boise to Chicago, IL, Chicago to Providence, RI. We drove from Providence to Mystic, CT. On day 2 we shot our on-camera talent with a two-camera setup and a teleprompter. On day 3 we did pick-up shots with our on-camera talent, broke down the set, and met up with a CMV traffic officer in the field. There we filmed the officer doing CMV traffic stops and inspecting loads.

On Day 4 we drove out to an explosives range to shoot CMV inspection footage and munition bunkers with our Sony cameras and drone. On Day 5 we left Mystic and drove back to Providence, flew to Chicago, and from there we all made it back to Boise with varying degrees of success. All our equipment eventually came back safely.

Nampa, Idaho

3 days total. 2 in-studio, and 1 in the field.

Day one was in-studio. We shot the on-camera talent on the green screen with our Sony and teleprompter setup. On day 2 we shot another on-camera talent in the studio on our white cyc-wall. On day 3, the last day of production, we shot b-roll of CMV’s being loaded and unloaded at Airgas Store, in Boise. We then drove out to a truck weighing station off of I-84, where we got footage of a CMV officer inspecting truck loads.

In Studio Video Production for Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance


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