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A long-term partnership devoted to increasing awareness, knowledge, and participation for many different healthcare topics and services.

After 16 years of working with Central District Health, Peppershock Media has become an expert in delivering high quality creative deliverables that resonate with the target audience while communicating the specific message of the intended campaign.

Starting in 2008, Peppershock Media was hired by Central District Health to produce a series of public service announcements as a stand-alone campaign. In the years following, the partnership grew as Peppershock produced multiple TV, Radio, and Display campaigns for different services and programs Central District Health offers. In 2023 Peppershock Media became the agency of record for CDH.

As the agency of record, Peppershock Media prides itself on being Central District Health’s marketing partner, an extension of the CDH internal team. This collaborative effort allows Peppershock to listen and respond to questions and suggestions from the CDH staff. When planning and designing each custom campaign, communication and teamwork play a vital role in delivering desired outcomes. Peppershock Media is able to make recommendations based on budget, goals, and advertising best practices in order to produce the most effective campaign.

Tactics that have been utilized throughout this partnership range from printed flyers at campsites advising visitors about rabies and bats, to Connected TV and OTT digital campaigns advising people about the health risks associated with tobacco use. Other tactics include paid social, traditional radio, billboards, newspapers, postcards, and website development. Many of these tactics have been produced multilingually in order to reach a wider audience.

Social Media

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Paid social media advertising serves as a tool to enhance brand visibility and interaction. It is used alongside other media channels to increase reach and recognition across various platforms.

The Tobacco and Vaping Prevention & Cessation Campaign shown below totaled 501,777 impressions and 2,167 clicks.


Video Production for Digital Advertising Campaigns

Peppershock Media has produced multiple videos for CDH including animated videos, testimonial videos, and general awareness videos for specific campaigns.

In 2023, Peppershock Media and CDH won a Telly Award for our Rabies Awareness Video.


Telly Award

Digital Ads


Digital advertising campaigns utilized the videos on OTT and CTV platforms. By determining a target audience, we were able to deliver results on conversion and click-through rates.

The videos produced by Peppershock for CDH are utilized in multiple digital advertising  campaigns.

Results Digital Ads Case Study

Audio Production

Radio and Streaming

Peppershock Media produces multiple audio spots that we place on traditional radio, and also on streaming platforms such as podcasts & Spotify. Multiple audio productions leveraged bilingual messaging to connect with a diverse audience.


Landing pages for specific campaigns

Peppershock Media has created multiple landing pages and an online storefront for Central District Health.

Landing pages were created to provide knowledge on certain topics or services, and digital advertising traffic was directed toward these landing pages.

The online storefront provides a place for fellow healthcare professionals and  community members to downland pdfs of brochures and posters for educational purposes. Community members can also order merchandise from CDH.

Take a look: https://www.cdhhealthcare.com/

Website - Store Front CDH


Sub Logo Design

Peppershock Media created sub brand logos for CDH by adding program specific naming to the current logo design. By following brand guidelines and best practices, the new logos are consistent with the initial logo while providing information about the specific department.

Sub Brand Logos Horizontal


Traditional and Digital

Print and digital billboards have been utilized in multiple Central District Health campaigns. Peppershock Media designs and strategically places billboards in the best locations based on the target audience and message keeping best practices in mind.

Referral Program

Increase Program Specific Membership

With a direct mail and SMS strategy, Peppershock Media assisted CDH in increasing referrals to the Central District Health WIC program. The submission form was offered in 7 different languages. This referral campaign also included an informational landing page offered in 7 languages and information videos offered in 4 languages.

View Landing Page

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