5 Steps to Building a Strong Visual Strategy

by | Feb 10, 2017 | blog

Want to Land New Business in 2017? Develop a Visual Strategy!

The truth of human nature is that we do judge books by their covers…all the time. If the visual content you’re putting out into the world reflects “old,” “outdated,” or “irrelevant,” then you’ve already lost that potential sale. “Throwing it out there and seeing what sticks” hasn’t worked for most successful businesses either.

Content Marketing in 2017 will only continue to gain momentum. Consumers crave a steady stream of media and if you’re not there to provide it on a regular basis, you’ll be cast aside for the next guy with the best visuals.

Consider your audience. What engages them? What type of product or service do you offer? Are you producing content that interests and educates your audience on why your business is the best choice?

Here are five ways to visually reach, engage with, and land new clients in 2017…

Social Media

In 2017 social media should still play a critical role in your communication strategy. As consumers are turning more and more to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter as sources of information when researching businesses, your organization needs to have a strong, relevant and up-to-date presence. Consider Facebook and Instagram the “business casual” representation of your business. You can let your hair down and invite visitors into your brand experience. Fun posts about the quirks of your industry, behind the scenes photos and videos promoting a community event your business supports are all great ways of connecting with your audience. Be real, be authentic.



Newsflash!  People research things on their phone before buying! out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. More than half lead to sales. Help them make a quick decision. Have short videos available on social media and your website.  People are less apt to spend a ton of time watching lengthy videos on their phone. No time for gimmicks and fluff. Get to the point; tell people what they want to know so they can make the decision to purchase otherwise they’ll move on to your competitor.

SEO and Content Marketing

Create and post great visuals on your website, your blog, your social media pages and then make sure people see your content. SEO continues to be incredibly important. You’re going to need to be relevant to the Google Machine and with all the content flotsam jetsam orbiting the interwebs, you’ll need to pay to break through the clutter. Paid search combined with a well-optimized website will definitely produce an uptick in qualified traffic headed your way. You want to ensure that, over time, you’re viewed by your audience as the expert and leader in your field. This will take time and a number of interactions with your brand, but eventually, if done correctly, your name will become synonymous with “quality” and “trustworthy.”

Targeting potential customers with online ads is getting more and more accurate. If you want to know whether your advertising is working, get an online campaign going immediately!  Analytics and reporting are robust and can follow visitors throughout the site to see exactly how well they convert into sales.

Theater Advertising

An advertiser’s favorite phrase: Captive audience. This phrase should become one of your favorites too. You know the audience is at the theater to be entertained and watch a screen. Be sure to cater your video to an entertainment audience. The same ad you use in traditional broadcast or on your website might not be the best fit for the theater. Make it fun and engaging.  People are there to be entertained and if you achieve that with your ad, you’re more likely to be remembered.

Consider this:

Average moviegoers* are between the ages of 18-54, have a median household income of $76k and have bachelors or post-graduate degrees. They have discretionary income and big plans for travel and buying new cars and homes in the next 12 months.

Theater advertising is also local so you know you’re reaching people in your service area. Theater advertising is great for businesses that are geo-dependent. Anyone can order products online.

Peppershock brokers theater advertising and other traditional media. Let us help you go big this year in the box office!

*Data sourced from National Cinemedia

Final Thoughts

peppershock-visual-blog-2017-300x300-1 While all the digital outlets are definitely gaining traction, don’t abandon ship on traditional media just yet. There’s still a need for a strong media mix. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but don’t spread them too thin either. Consulting with marketing experts will help produce a plan tailored specifically to your industry, your business, and your market. Peppershock just so happens to do this.

Contact us to get a schedule and plan put together for your 2017 marketing.

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