5 Business Videos You Should Invest in for Better Marketing ROI

by | Feb 26, 2015 | blog

By Drew Allen
Principal | Creative Director

I keep reading this statistic year after year and while the number fluctuates slightly, the stat is saying generally the same thing; web video content will dominate the internet in the years to come (as if it hasn’t already). Roughly 74% of all web traffic by the year 2017 will be delivered in some form of video (web video, streaming movies, video conferencing, etc.).  With so much video fluff floating around the web, how will you ensure that the right people are seeing YOUR video?  Or, better yet, do you even have web video for your business yet?

WebVideos_Chart Here are 5 styles of business videos we suggest you invest in this year to increase traffic to your site and convert leads into sales.

1. Company Bio

A short overview of who you are and what you do.  While having a paragraph of text on your site describing you and your services or products is definitely a must have for SEO purposes, a video overview of your company is critical for capturing your visitor’s attention and inviting them in to your site to learn more.  Let the personality of your business speak to your potential customers.  If you’re an easy going, fun loving service-based business, let that culture and charisma shine through in your video.  People appreciate genuine and honest communication.  It helps build trust in your organization.

2. Product and/or Service Demo

Short, condensed and polished demonstrations of your products and services is the best way for a potential customer to make an informed decision. Oracle_Thumb  Photos and text, still a must for SEO purposes, but video will add dimension and life to your offerings.  Many times simply showing how a product works with very little over selling (if any at all) will spark interest quickly.  Many clients we talk with have customers coming in to their shops knowing exactly the make, model and color they want to buy based on video they researched online.  Stats vary from source to source, but roughly 80%-90% of consumers are researching products online before they buy.  Give your customers the tools they need to make informed buying decisions with this type of business video.

3. Monthly Info Updates

Much like the regular posts you should be writing and scheduling for your social media content and blogs (if you’re too busy to manage that on your own, give us a call…we do that too), monthly videos are a great, informal way of staying connected with your audience.  Whether you’re giving tips and tricks or simply sharing interesting news about your business, regularly released videos will keep viewers engaged and anticipating the next one.  This is the generation of constant media consumption.  Feed the need.  These videos should be candid and conversational.  This is a prime opportunity for you to reinforce your brand and connect with your audience.   Read more about how Peppershock helped TheKrazyCouponLady.com increase their video views by 818%.

4. Customer Testimonials

Now, as I mentioned earlier, people appreciate genuine and honest communication.  Take this to heart ladies and gentlemen.  We definitely encourage testimonials videos, but please make sure the comments are coming from the heart and not a script.  Word of mouth customer evangelism is as strong as it’s ever been, but if your video doesn’t come across as authentic, you’ll lose credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.  Find current and former clients that are comfortable on camera and can speak candidly about you and your business.  People are likely to share their testimonial video through their own various social media channels as well for added exposure.

5. Branding Promos

Old Spice.  There you have it.  A great example of brand awareness videos that have rejuvenated your Dad’s (or even Grandpa’s) deodorant of choice and made it once again a very desirable brand for Millennials.  Branding videos are simply commercials that tell your company’s story in an engaging way.  These types of videos remind viewers how awesome your company is and why they want to at least consider purchasing from you.  I wouldn’t suggest that everyone’s branding videos will go viral like the Old Spice commercials of recent years, but if they’re well produced and engaging in either a funny or heartfelt way, odds are you’ll receive a great deal of likes, shares and comments. Branding Promo Video Example
Taking my own advice, I’m going to be authentic and genuine here.  Yes, I wrote this post in an effort to entice you to contact us to learn more because video production and online reputation management are two services we offer.  We’d love the opportunity to chat about how Peppershock can help create a video strategy for your business.


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