10 Ways to Surely Turn Away Your Sales Video Viewers

by | Jul 30, 2013 | blog

10 Ways to Surely Turn Away Your Sales Video Viewers


  1. Start your video off with the longest shot you’ve ever shot. One continuous, boring shot without substance, slow music and seemingly no point.
  2. Talk about yourself. A lot.
  3. Ask too many questions and don’t give any answers.
  4. Use Comic Sans and Papyrus for all your onscreen text.
  5. Don’t use a tripod. Everyone loved Blair Witch Project, right?
  6. Use the on-camera microphone.
  7. Show lots of shots of unrelated footage. You won’t confuse anyone and everyone will be intrigued by your artistry.
  8. YELL and be obnoxious!  It always works.
  9. Don’t put your contact info on the video anywhere.  Just assume that everyone knows how to contact you. Everyone is clairvoyant.
  10. Most importantly…don’t add any humor. Your target demo is dry and boring and doesn’t appreciate even the slightest play on words.

Follow these ten steps and you’ll definitely bore and disgust your viewers away from your website and lose the sale.
Or, if you’d rather, just give us a call and we’ll produce a stellar sales video for you that will drive sales through the roof!

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