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Brand discovery leads to a campaign that stresses company values, inspiring loyalty and getting the attention of hardworking Idahoans.

To begin this complete TV and radio campaign for D.L. Evans bank, the Peppershock crew dug to discover an overarching message throughout the D.L. Evans establishment: “While some things change, our values never do.”

Taking this theme and D.L. Evans’ principles of integrity, charity, friendliness, compassion, and hard work into consideration, we developed a campaign that drives both future bank and community growth, based on honoring the foundations that D.L. Evans Bank was built on.

As D.L. Evans said, “banking is really just about one thing: helping people.” And as we like to say at Peppershock, “people do business with those they know, like and trust.” So in an effort to combine trust, stability, local and community-oriented, into simple transportable messages, we developed the tagline “Bank on your future.”

As we developed and wrote, we also discovered and considered our target audience — small business owners, agricultural based business owners, consumers in general and Millennials in Idaho. The people of Idaho want hard working, compassionate, friendly financial partners. We want the viewers of these TV and radio spots to walk away feeling like D.L. Evans is a trusted community partner. Their neighbors. Their friends. To achieve this, we chose to deliver genuine stories to portray authenticity and trust.

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